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DTI and the environment

We care about our environment and want to provide links that will be useful to educators and anyone else interested in supporting and promoting these worthy causes.

Endangered animals, endangered species, wildlife rescue and protection, environment protection - Canadian organizations dedicated to nature preservation

Animal Alliance of Canada
Animal Alliance of Canada is committed to the protection of all animals and the promotion of a harmonious relationship among people, animals and the environment.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
Our mission is to care for injured and orphaned wildlife, and once they are rehabilitated, return them to the wild. In the event we are unable to return the animal to the wild we care for them at the sanctuary. We also educate others in an attempt to help the animals that are facing an ever-increasing threat to their habitat by the encroachment of people.

The Biosphere Institute
The Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to enhancing understanding of ecological integrity as it pertains to the Bow River Watershed.

Bird Studies Canada
Bird Studies Canada is recognized nation-wide as a leading and respected not-for-profit conservation organization dedicated to advancing the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, in Canada and elsewhere, through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of its members, volunteers, staff and the interested public.

British Columbia Lake Stewardship Society
The BCLSS mission is to act as a resource, communication, and information network among scientists, environmental professionals, lakeshore stewardship groups, lakeshore residents, the public, and government agencies in order to preserve, protect and restore lakes in British Columbia.

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF)
Our mission to make a positive contribution to the conservation of BC's fish, wildlife and habitat is through the provision of administrative, project management and technical field services.

The Bruce Trail Association
The mission of the Bruce Trail Association is to provide a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment to promote protection of the Escarpment and appreciation of its natural beauty.

The Burns Bog Conservation Society
The Burns Bog Conservation Society is a registered charity founded in 1988. We began as a small group of dedicated people determined to see to the "conservation and protection of Burns Bog forever".

Caledon Countryside Alliance The Caledon Countryside Alliance (CCA) is a Not for Profit agency. It's objective is to ensure that Caledon and the Headwaters region maintain their rural character.

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC)
C.A.R.C. is a citizens' organization dedicated to the long-term environmental and social well being of northern Canada and its peoples.

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance is a not for profit organization established in 1995 to promote the efficient use of energy in Canada. The Alliance draws its membership from across industry and across Canada.

The Canadian Environmental Network (CEN)
The Canadian Environmental Network (CEN) facilitates networking between environmental organizations and others who share its mandate - To Protect The Earth And Promote Ecologically Sound Ways Of Life.

The Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS)
The Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), part of Environment Canada, handles wildlife matters that are the responsibility of the federal government. These include protection and management of migratory birds, nationally significant habitat and endangered species, as well as work on other wildlife issues of national and international importance. In addition, CWS does research in many fields of wildlife biology. Endangered animal species and plants in Canada.
Species at Risk - Endangered animal species and plants in Canada.

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation
The Canadian Peregrine Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to assisting the recovery of the peregrine falcon and other raptors at risk.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
CWF is dedicated to fostering awareness and enjoyment of our natural world. Through extensive education and information programs, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians may live in harmony with the natural order.

Carolinian Canada
Carolinian Canada is a non-profit coalition of over 40 government and non-government conservation groups and many individuals working to conserve the ecological diversity of Canada's most threatened natural region.

The Children's Water Education Council
Our mission is to educate students about the importance of water conservation, protection, technology and ecology.

Coalition for No Whales in Captivity (CFNWIC)
The Coalition for No Whales in Captivity believes that whales and dolphins are best left to live wild and free in their natural habitat. We are a grass-roots, volunteer-based, non-profit society founded in 1992.

Cochrane Ecological Institute
CEI is devoted to the preservation of North America's bio diversity, through the conservation and breeding of endangered indigenous species, ecosystem restoration through the reintroduction of extirpated fauna and flora, wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release,the education of the public, and the monitoring of both habitat and species through the development of non intrusive biological survey methods.

The Ecoforestry Institute
The Ecoforestry Institute Society is dedicated to promoting ecologically, socially and economically responsible forest use that maintains and restores the complexity and diversity of our forests.

Ecology Action Centre
The Ecology Action Centre is Nova Scotia's largest and most active environmental organization. Since 1971, the EAC has been working to build a healthier, more sustainable Nova Scotia.

Endangered Species Fund Of Canada
The Endangered Species Fund Of Canada supports protection and preservation programs. This includes all species, with priority to vulnerable, threatened and endangered animals.

Evergreen Theatre Society
Evergreen Theatre Society has been dedicated to "Science of the Imagination" since 1991. We are a touring, educational theatre company dedicated to science theatre of the natural world. We create original, musical productions aimed at getting young (and not-so-young) audiences singing, dancing and learning about science.

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)
The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), a registered charity, was formed in April 1993. Our Goal is to reduce migratory bird collisions with buildings brightly lit at night and their reflective windows by day.

The Lifeforce Foundation
The Lifeforce Foundation is a non-profit ecology organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental problems. Lifeforce urges society to address and solve problems by taking into consideration the long term effects on all parts of the ecosystem.

Nature Canada
Nature Canada's mission is to conserve and protect nature - Canada's natural diversity of plant and animal species and their environment.

Wildlife Preservation Canada
Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) is a dynamic non-profit charitable organization devoted to saving highly endangered animal species facing imminent extinction in Canada and internationally. This is accomplished through focused species conservation and professional training programs, complemented by education and outreach programs.

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